FLUD. is here.

Video cameraman editor. Video Production Service. London. Southend. Essex.

Starting anything new always seems daunting. I think there's always a fear that the risk is too high, and that starting from scratch is too mammoth a task. It can definitely be exciting though, and more importantly essential. That's the whole reason FLUD. came about.

Working in various industries over the years, and more recently as a freelancer in the video production world, I'd come to realise that I wasn't quite satisfied, creatively.

I've always been creative. The first 15 years of my life I loved art, drawing and painting. Then for the next 15 years it was music that took over my life, playing in rock bands, writing songs and going to live concerts. It wasn't until I really embraced filmmaking 15 years later that I found my true creative outlet. I'd film on my Grandfather's camcorders in the 80s and 90s, and I had a mini DV camera of my own at University. But creating video content for others? This was new for me. This was incredible. What had I been waiting for?! . 

I needed to play catch up, and fast. Reading books, watching videos and working with other experienced filmmakers (Sparky Film) helped me to learn the skills I needed quickly. Before I knew it, I was travelling around the world, as well as across the UK, assisting on and filming a variety of video content for a variety of clients. The key here, I truly believe, is variety. From struggling actors making showreels, to high-end CEO's of International businesses, I've worked on almost everything (apart from wildlife, I've loved to do that properly one day!).

That's a selling point for FLUD. that I'm keen to get across as I begin this blog. I hope 2018 allows me and my new company to develop creatively on a whole variety of video content. As a video production service in London and Essex it may be hard to stand out in a busy crowd, but I believe continuously creating high quality video content for a wide range of clients is the only way to grow. 

So this blog will show the development and journey of FLUD. as well as ideas and tips working in the #videoproduction and #filmmaking industry, and I hope to post as often as I can.